Romb mini table lamp

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Romb – an intriguing personality. Simple at a distance. Artistic up close. A decorative presence, discreetly loud. A silent rebel. Cockiness. Well-behaved. On a windowsill. On a bookshelf. Close to Kerouac. Fitting in. A classic.
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Height 19 cm
Width 15 cm
Depth 8 cm
Material Metal

Romb Mini – simply redefining geometry.

Romb is an artistic and clever piece of design. Inspired by two corrugated cardboard shapes stacked one atop the other, it has an intriguing geometric appearance. Romb’s compressed form and rippled surface enhances the lightweight cardboard impression, playing tricks on the perception of a lamp. In its smallest size, Romb Mini can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors – with no constraints, a battery simply powers the light. Convenient and smart. Use it as a centrepiece on a dinner table or as a companion on a sideboard. As adaptable and interesting in a home as in a lobby. The Romb Mini is an accessible design object that is fitting just about everywhere.

Mats Broberg, part of the creative design duo, Broberg & Ridderstråle, reveals the story behind the lamp, “The foundation for Romb was developed in close collaboration with Pholc. We formulated a concept using corrugated cardboard shapes, a material that we use a lot when building architectural prototypes. Romb started taking shape and we all felt that it had the sophisticated relevance that we were looking for. The result is as much a lamp as it is a design object – especially the Mini”.

This lamp is for indoors use only. It can be taken outdoors, but must be kept and stored indoors

Dimmable in 3 levels

Light source included, G4 socket, max. 1*3 W

Operating time when fully charged: 12 hours, charging time: 5 hours

Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, 2022