Espoo Festival Guide

Festival season is right around the corner, which means it's time to get prepared! Add these items to your shopping list and get ready for an unforgettable summer.

First up, the most essential item of all: the Everyday tote bag! Gather your personal belongings in this handy, bright-coloured bag, and never lose your favorite items out of sight. 

A portable light source always creates the right atmosphere when the evening falls and you're up until the early morning. Able to withstand rain or sunshine, the PC Portable is your buddy in those hot, mellow nights. 

Speaking of long summer nights: booze and festivals go hand in hand. Why not turn an everyday boardgame into an atypical drinking game with Yatzy

It's not because we're at a festival that we have to leave our hygiene behind, right? Get freshened up with Tann, the trendy toothbrush you wouldn't want to live without.

And most importantly: stay hydrated with the Mono thermal bottle or the Sowden bottle. Fill it with water (or slip in your favorite kind of drink) and you're ready to go!

Have a great summer!
— team espoo