FRAMA's Shelf Library

The FRAMA Shelf Library system is a modular storage solution designed to suit any space. Made from durable and time-honored materials, create your own Shelf Library for kitchen, bathroom, study, or wardrobe.

Elevate your living space with the Shelf Library modules. The modules are available in a range of finishes and materials, as illustrated below.

Starting off with the newest member of the family: Warm White Steel. Perfect for a space that could benefit from an industrial touch, without having to compromise in using too much colour. 

If you want to go full out on the industrial look, then maybe the Stainless Steel version could be your match!

Or maybe you want to tone it down a bit by using wood? Add character to your room with the Natural version.

We find the Dark Wood version adds a wonderful touch of calmness to your space. 

There's a Shelf Library for everyone. Pass by our showroom or email us to let our team design a configuration that suits your needs — whether it be a complete system covering a wall or a handy storage unit in the tiniest room of the house.