HAY Rey collection

HAY has joined forces with renowned furniture manufacturer Dietiker to present the Rey collection, originally designed by Swiss designer Bruno Rey in 1971. The collection includes a full dining set as well as bar stools, a coffee table and a side stool and comes in many colours. Combining functionality, comfort and an inviting aesthetic, the Rey collection has a versatile quality that makes it suitable for a wide variety of domestic and public spaces.

Bruno Rey started his career as an apprentice cabinetmaker in the 1950s. Later he attended the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich before opening his own atelier in 1968. Rey started to focus on the development of a new type of wooden chair using an industrial serial production method. He embraced an organic round shape as his answer to the "cubically strict furniture" of the time:

"Angesichts der damals gängigen kantig-formalistischen, kubisch strengen Möbel ohne Sitzqualität, die den Parallelbezug zu den Wänden erzwangen, ahnte ich zum erstenmal dass neue, runde Möbelformen für Raum und Mensch nötig und sinnvoll sein könnten."
"In the face of the angular, cubically strict furniture without any seating quality, that forced a parallel alignment to the walls, which was common at the time, I guessed for the first time that a new, rounded furniture shape could be necessary and useful for both space and man."

The 3300 model, better known as the Rey chair, is now again available thanks to the collaboration between HAY and Dietiker. With its distinctively rounded edges and curved backrest, it was the first chair to be patented with Dietiker’s unique screwless wood-to-metal connection and has become one of the most successful Swiss chairs of all time. Its solid construction, strength and stackable design give it a timeless quality that makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of domestic, public or corporate settings. The iconic chair has been modified in new dimensions and material combinations to accommodate contemporary lifestyle requirements.

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