Kriptonite: a modular storage system

Kriptonite offers different modular storage systems, whether wall-mounted or used as free-standing dividers, Kriptonite systems suits every need in terms of customization, versatility and space. The brand stays loyal to its totally handcrafted production of its Milanese headquarters.

K1 is a wall system composed of uprights, shelves and containers. The variety of heights, depths and lengths of the components allows the realization of bookcases, wardrobes and exhibitors. The elements, freely positioned, gives you the maximum customization. Available in five different finishes RAL colors and two types of wood, oak and walnut.
If you change the home, you can give a new life to the system, re-formulating the structure, changing color or by implementing it with new accessories, the K1 is a timeless system.

K2 is a pressure system, made up of uprights, shelves, accessories and containers. Bifacial and wall, able to formulate multiple solutions for the living area, sleeping area and workspaces.
The uprights are, for greater safety, fixed to the ceiling. When ordering it is necessary to communicate the exact height because uprights are cut to size. Available in five different finishes to RAL and two types of wood (oak, walnut). K2 can be installed in various environments, from working, to domestic, to showroom.

The wall version of the K2 system is composed of uprights, containers and accessories. The upper part of the upright is fixed to the wall and the weight is unloaded on the floor. Available in different colours, finishes and in two types of wood. Customized measurements and special RAL can also be required.

Krossing is wall system simply made with shelves and aluminium tubes. It's designed to hold a large number of books in a small space with a depth of 15 cm. The Krossing, once filled, tends to disappear to leave maximum space for books, CDs, DVDs, perfumes, spices, cans, glasses, brushes...

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