Pool Day Essentials

A hot summer day asks for a long, relaxing day at the pool, the beach or a swimming pond — as long as it's refreshing. Make the most out of your day with these essentials!

Sunbathe on the Alee beach towel or dry yourself off by enveloping yourself in the extremely soft and thick fabric after a revitalizing swim.

Are you going to the beach or are you planning to use the pool at a friend's house? Use ferm Living's Yard picnic bag to hold your sunscreen, powerbank and the rest of your beach essentials. 

A hot day calls for some ice cream - enjoy your favorite flavour in an Italian ice cup. Pro-tip: store them in the fridge before scooping up a flavour or two to keep your ice cream nice and cool.

And what's a without a cocktail or mocktail? Enjoy your refreshing drink of choice with extra large ice cubes to keep your drink cool for hours. Hay's XL Ice cube tray makes the perfect sized ice cubes for this occasion. Serve it in a Borosilicate glass and pair it with a Glass spoon to stir it up nicely. Finally, enjoy it with a Sip straw and ta-da! Drinks are served.

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor furniture? Whether close by the pool or on a small city terrace, you deserve to catch some sunrays! Discover ferm Living's Desert collection or HAY's Palissade collection for hours of outdoor enjoyment, all year round. 

Or take your outdoor space to the next level with HAY's Crate lounge chair (designed by Gerrit Rietveld) or Skagerak's Riviera sunbed, which can be used as a coffee table as well by sliding it closed.

Finally, watch the sun go down while comforting yourself in a Field robe.

Enjoy your summer!
— team espoo