This month's favourites: February

Moebe, since 2014, has prioritized simplicity in their designs. Their focus revolves around understanding the core purpose of a product and eliminating unnecessary elements. Moebe emphasizes materials and details, ensuring each design element serves a specific function. Their commitment to functionality is evident in the principles of good design they developed, guiding their belief that great design goes beyond aesthetics.

Discover Moebe's Shelving Systems & enjoy a 10% discount until March 31st. Choose between Magazine Shelving, Wall Shelving and Floor Shelving — or combine them all. We've gathered some inspiration images below to show how Moebe truly fits in every space.

Whether you need a space to feel like a home or you want to design your working space in the most efficient way, the shelving systems of Moebe can help you with making your space look the best it can. Go as small or as wide and tall as you like.

Moebe can be the perfect partner in designing your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, ... literally any space. The versatile system allows to bring out your creativity and match your personality. With a bold range of materials and colours, the Shelving System can be adapted to your style and nature.

Build your office space as tiny or huge as you like.

Or how about an all-in-one solution? Combine a desk with a clothing rack to make use of limited space.

Go for the smoked oak to create a more classic, cosy look.

And there's no reason why your floor space should be your limit. Move over to your wall to create more shallow shelves — perfect for narrow hallways and your most prized possessions that could use some attention by displaying them wonderfully.

And that leads us to displaying your favorite magazines or books. There's no reason to have your book collection sitting there catching dust — display them! Having your magazines and books displayed makes you want to pick them up and actually read them. Rearrange as much as you like and have a fun time playing with your space.

For example, hang the Magazine Shelving System in your kitchen do display your everyday cookbooks.

And let's not forget the kids' room!

Here at Espoo, we're all about creating a home where you actually feel at home. We want to bring out your personality so that your interior reflects it. Let us help you in making your interior dreams come true. Visit our showroom or reach out via [email protected]. Our team is happy to help!