This month's favourites: March

Spring is lingering around the corner... Discover these 4 wonderful campaigns to help you refresh your home! We know that making interior-oriented decisions can be a bit overwhelming, that's why our team is happy to help you. Visit us in Kloosterstraat 75 in Antwerp, or let us assist you virtually at [email protected]. Discover the campaigns below!

Hay Mags & Mags Soft: discover the possible combinations, colours and fabrics, and find out the differences between the Mags and Mags Soft with a 20% discount. 1 March - 31 March

Montana Selection: Montana offers versatile storage modules with endless possibilities of combinations. With Selection, Montana has hand-picked a range of functional and creative preconfigured furniture. The only thing you have to do is to decide which one of Montana’s 43 lacquer colours you want, and whether your furniture should be placed on legs, suspension rails, plinth or castors. Easy-peasy! 1 March - 6 April

Moebe Campaign: Floor, Wall & Magazine shelving. 

No screws, no glue, no limits. A simple wooden wedge is at the heart of Moebe's Shelving System — and the effect it has on flexibility and customisation cannot be overstated. Shelves, cabinets, desks and clothes bars can all be moved individually, and added and changed over time, giving you the freedom to build your own piece of furniture just as you want it. Build everything from an entire wall of storage to a dresser, wardrobe, tv stand, room divider and anything in between.

Wall Shelving is designed for your narrow hallway, spacious living room, and small kitchen corner. Build as tall and as wide as you like. Easily adjust the shelves to any height. Suitable for any space and any wall.

Magazine Shelving works great as a standalone piece of furniture, though it can also be used within a bigger system that is floor standing or wall mounted. All shelves are held in place by 2 wedges in the inner corners. The combination of the wedges and the smooth legs allows the shelves to be positioned wherever desired, without any limitations. 1 February - 31 March


Moebe Expandable Bed Campaign: the Expandable Bed is designed to be the last bed you'll ever purchase. Being fully expandable and adjustable at all times, the bed will last you a lifetime. Whether your mattress is 90cm, 180cm or absolutely any measure inbetween – it fits perfectly. Ecolabeled and expandable, it's a bed for life. 1 March - 30 April