Vitra Home Stories for Winter

Introducing limited editions, a special collection and one-of-a-kind offers! Discover all the novelties for winter 2023/24 and scroll all the way down to find out about the amazing deals.

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman:
Special Winter Edition

With the launch of the Lounge Chair in 1956, Charles and Ray Eames set new standards: it was not only lighter, more elegant, and more modern than the conventionally opulent club armchair but also much more comfortable. It's these qualities that have made the Lounge Chair one of the most famous classics in the history of modern furniture.

Vitra is releasing the Lounge Chair with Phlox fabric upholstery in dark green as a special edition for the winter season 2023/24. Phlox is a velvety corduroy textile that, in combination with a rosewood shell, emphasizes the iconic look of the armchair, while the pine green metal parts - base and backrest - form a contrasting contemporary feature.


Eames Special Collection 2023:
limited edition

With the Eames Special Collection 2023, Vitra is producing the Eames Elephant, the Eames Wool Blanket, the Plywood Mobiles, and the Eames Housebird - and the Organic Conference Chair that Charles Eames created with Eero Saarinen - in a carefully selected range of new finishes, fabrics, and colors.

The Eames Special Collection is available from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024.


New items

1. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman in Nubia fabric

Optimal comfort was one of Charles and Ray's primary goals when developing the Lounge Chair. In their search for soft, pleasant materials, they experimented with various leather and fabric coverings. After its launch in 1956, there was briefly a fabric-covered version available, of which only a small number were produced.

In 2023, Vitra reintroduces the Eames Lounge Chair with fabric upholstery. Nubia is a soft bouclé fabric with a vibrant appearance, giving the iconic piece of furniture a warm and cozy look. The covers are removable and replaceable, significantly extending the chair's lifespan.


2. Grand Repos & Panchina: Nubia fabric in a new color

The swivel lounge chairs Repos and Grand Repos, with their generous padding, inviting armrests, and a hidden synchronous mechanism beneath the upholstery, provide exceptional comfort. The seats can be adjusted from a sitting to a reclining position and can be locked in place infinitely. The resistance of the backrest can be manually adjusted to the user's weight.

Ten years after the launch, the Repos family has been revised based on the latest technical possibilities. The fabric or leather upholstery can now be completely removed, allowing for replacement and extending the chair's lifespan. Furthermore, up to 95% of the plastic elements present in the construction, such as upholstery carriers or coverings, are now made from recycled materials.


3. Soft Pad EA 217:
Aluminum Group & Soft Pad Group now also in fabric

While the chairs of the Eames Soft Pad Group resemble those of the Aluminum Group in terms of shape and construction, their stitched cushions create a striking contrast with the slim aluminum profiles. The Soft Pad Chairs are more luxurious than the models from the Aluminum Group but still maintain the same sleek form and offer luxuriously soft comfort.

Vitra has exclusively produced the iconic chairs with leather upholstery for decades but is now introducing various fabrics: Laser RE, Track, and Cosy 2 not only create a sense of excellent comfort but also give the Soft Pad Chairs a relaxed and inviting, homely look - especially when the fabric coverings are combined with black powder-coated metal parts.


4. ACX: new ergonomic office chair

ACX is the tenth office chair developed by Vitra in collaboration with Antonio Citterio. The construction, materials, production, logistics, and maintenance are aimed at long-lasting durability with the smallest possible ecological footprint, while the automatic synchronous mechanism provides maximum comfort to every user without the need for adjustments. ACX has a relaxed and inviting aesthetic: with its clean lines and a choice of knitted fabrics in a wide selection of colors, the compact office chair functions as a design element in the office rather than a necessary addition tolerated for ergonomic reasons.


5. Prismatic Table

The geometric shape of the Prismatic Table consists of three folded aluminum sheets with a high-quality powder coating. Together, they form a three-legged table with a hexagonal top, a reference to traditional Japanese paper folding techniques that served as an inspiration for Isamu Noguchi's side table. The three parts of the Prismatic Table are produced in different combinations of gray tones, creating kaleidoscope-like patterns when multiple tables are grouped.


6. Happy Bin RE: recycled

The new high-quality recycled material used to make the Happy Bin RE comes from the German Gelber Sack collection of household waste, from which used plastic packaging is sorted, cleaned, shredded, and recycled into injection-moldable polypropylene. Due to its composition, the recycled material is speckled with small pigment dots. These subtle color variations perfectly complement the slightly irregular shape of the trash can: Swiss designer Michel Charlot drew inspiration from a sculpture by Hans Arp, adding an unusual organic design language to the typical minimalist office environment.


One-of-a-kind offers

Buy an Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman and receive a veneer upgrade.*

*Offer valid from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. Choose a veneer and pay the price of one category lower. This offer does not apply to purchases of the lowest category of veneer and the special edition upholstery in Phlox fabric.

Purchase an Eames Aluminum or Soft Pad Chair and get a leather upgrade.*

*Offer valid from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. Get an upgrade to Leather Premium F upholstery at the price of standard leather. The Soft Pad Chaise ES 106 is excluded from this promotion.