Vitra Home Stories for Winter

This winter, Vitra takes a look behind the doors of three homes. Three families have opened up their doors to show their unique living space with its own history, filled with carefully chosen furnishings and personal objects that hold cherished memories. These three spaces and their interiors are as different as their residents which is reflected in the selection of Vitra products.

First, we will visit the house of art collectors Karin and Xavier Donck in the old quarter of Ghent. With a shared love of hospitality and heritage, Karin and Xavier collect vintage furniture and art. "Every object has its own story. The more objects you have from all over the world, the more stories you bring into your home", they say about their collection.

We are then invited to the rural haven of stylist Adeline and farmer Florent Maillet, who left the city to build their ideal home in touch with nature. Talking about their lifestyle, they explain: "Our life is dictated by cycles, not by speed. We are trying to find our own rhythm. By reviving the farm, we aim to weave a thread between the great-grandparents and the grandchildren."

And finally, artist Paul Schrader welcomes us to his urban oasis in Hamburg, where he both lives and works. "Painting is a very private process – you need to feel secure and at ease. You need a place where you can open up and let go", which is why he created a studio and home for himself and his art: one space where both come together.

Discover each story by clicking on their name or pass by our showroom to pick up a printed copy of Home Stories for Winter. Additionally, Vitra has several products on offer. Discover the campaign below.

How different these three homes may be, there are a few things the home-owners have in common. They all love to invite guests to share conversations with and at the same time, they love to wind down - individually or with their family members - and relax.

Vitra "Home Stories for Winter" Campaign

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