Karimoku New Standard

Founded by leading Japanese furniture manu­facturer Karimoku in 2009, Karimoku New Standard is defined by its fusion of progressive ideas and manufacturing excellence. Bringing together the unique perspectives of Karimoku’s craftsmen and a select group of international designers, the brand presents new standards in Japanese furniture design.
Karimoku New Standard’s pursuit of high quality outcomes includes responsible produc­tion, starting with the material itself. Sustainably grown Japanese hardwoods are sourced from northern Japan as part of an initiative to revital­ise the forests and the industries they support. The low-diameter trees, which are often discarded or used as paper pulp, are processed in regional workshops before taking shape through a combination of skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology.
Over the past decade the brand has evolved through its collaborative approach and the belief that true standards should not only be universal, but exemplary in nature. This philosophy continues to inspire the brand’s designers and craftsmen, who strive to create innovative furniture of the highest quality, imbued with a sense of joy.